In a Coma after Plugging in his iPhone 4


A young Chinese man has been in a coma for the last 10 days, receiving intensive care. He was admitted into the Pekin hospital after receiving an electrical charge from his iPhone while the device was plugged in according to the site

30 year-old Wu JIANTONG allegedly yelled, “I’m getting electrocuted” when he connected his iPhone 4 to its charger. It turns out the charger was not original Apple product.

His sister who recounted the incident added that she ran to unplug the charger to the socket. “I felt pain as sharp as needles in my fingers. The current went from my finger to my arm, all the way to my feet,” she said. Her brother was no longer responsive and had foam coming out of his mouth.

The young Chinese woman who died electrocuted by her iPhone no longer seems like an isolated incident…

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