Senegal: Expresso Declares War via Facebook


African network providers have been late comers when it comes to their participation on social media, even if they are now trying to catch up.

In Senegal, Expresso, the last of the 3 network providers currently present has thrown a punch at its competitor Orange via Facebook.

The image, based on the Angry Birds (which was developed by Rovio) features three birds sporting the colors of the respective brands Tigo, Expresso and Orange running after one another, was posted on Expresso‘s fan page with the following caption: “Yes, they should be worried –o–>We are coming for them 🙂 .”

Check it out:

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The image doesn’t leave much to the imagination and it would appear that despite the strict Senegalese legislation forbidding comparative advertising, the network provider really wanted to put forward the fact that according to the ARTP, Expresso is now the second network provider and is the leader in terms of 3G.

We are looking forward to the little bird’s performance as 3G+ is announced to come soon…

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