Who Will Be the Biggest Social Network by 2016?


It is hard to imagine a world without Facebook. Mark ZUCKERBERG‘s social network has changed the face of the internet and has over a billion users.

But, according to statistics from JANRIAN, a company that specializes in acquiring users through social network login and registration, 46% of web users utilize their Facebook accounts to register on other websites, while Google+ comes second with a solid 34%.


Though with fewer users, Google‘s social network (launched in June 2011) seems to still be feeling the ground, the statistics appear to be saying something else. According to them, Google + will be the future leader of social networks by coming of 2016.

Although the percentage of Facebook “shares” keep growing by 10% each month, Google’s “+”s have sustained a monthly growth of 19% according to the recent numbers from SearchMetrics.com. At this rate, Google should surpass Facebook by May 2016 with over 1,000 billion “shares” per month as opposed to Facebook’s “smaller” 850 billion “shares”.

It’s hard to believe these statistics on our end….Google+ seems to be doing as the below at the moment….


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