Surface RT Prices Drop by 30%


Let’s face it, Microsoft’s Surface did not obtain the expected success, especially not the Surface RT as users did not quite understand it. At the Surface RT‘s launch, users expected to try out Windows 8 on a tablet and quickly realized that Surface RT only offered a limited version of Windows 8 in terms of capacity and was a lot closer to a Windows Phone for a not-so-attractive price.

According to some fo the specialized blogs, countless Surface RTs are lying around in Microsoft‘s inventory and the latter would like to sell them all. As a result, the company dropped the price of the tablet by 30% of its original price ($150 or 75,500 fcfa). The 32 Go edition now costs $349 dollars instead of $499 and the 64 Go one goes from $599 to $499.

Although this price drop only affects the Surface RT, if a similar move was made on the Surface Pro then the brand would become a serious contender to Apple, Samsung and Google on the tablet market.

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