Senegal: Place Your Order in Restaurants via an iPad

After the success of Tablet-Café, tablets continue to be at the heart of innovation in Senegal. A Senegalese company by the name of Xtreme Design and Engineering is offering a solution called TerangaPOS which would allow restaurant customers to place their order straight from their tables using iPads. The tablet is used as a menu and allows the customer to place orders which are sent directly to the kitchen.

At the other side of the spectrum, the owner of the restaurant has a complete and easy system that enables him or her to make estimates, have data on sales, manage the inventory and the team.


 This solution which is being used in over 20 points of sale all over West Africa, is an example of African know-how and Xtreme Senegal assures us that it is only the beginning.

Will you be the next restaurant on the list?

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