Could This App Be The Next Birth Control?


The application presented by 34 year-old entrepreneur Ida TIN as the best thing since the invention of the birth control pill in the 60s is Clue.

The application follows a woman’s menstrual cycle highlighting the timeframe in which a couple can engage in sexual activities without risking pregnancy. The application can also be used for the reverse result, highlighting the days in which a woman is most likely going to get pregnant.

TIN would like to change the family planning industry. The application is the first of a series of products launched by the company and team currently working on a gadget that would make the app more precise.

According to, Mike LAVIGNE, head of user experience at Clue, “hundreds of women around the world have already tested the app, including designers from Apple, Frog, and IDEO.”

The app is available on the AppStore.


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