Mexico: Social Media–a Tool to Help the Poor


Although with Carlos SLIM, one of the biggest fortunes of the ICT sector, Mexico is a far cry from receiving much media coverage in the sector. Lately, however, the country has made the headlines thanks to the role that social media play in Mexican society. As a country with blatant social class divisions, interactions between the people of the two extremities tend to be heated.

What does this have to with social media?

A video on YouTube, which has now turned viral, showcases a police officer and a rich Mexican who abuses him verbally by calling him a “proletarian”. The topic heated up the Mexican twittersphere who showed disapproval of their fellow countrywoman’s reaction.

Another showed the daughter of a Mexican minister who asked for the shutdown of a restaurant because she didn’t want to wait for a table to free-up. Thanks to the protest on social media, the minister was fired. This action from the government was celebrated as a victory for social media in Mexico.

These example have shown just how social media have impacted Mexican society in the debate of social inequality.

The social divisions are also present on the African continent. Is it time to call to social media for help?


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