Jay-Z’s Magna Carta App Hacked


Jay-Z can add another problem to his 99…

A few weeks ago, Jay-Z announced the exclusive release of his latest album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” through an Android app which would allow the first million users of selected Samsung devices who download it, to enjoy it free of charge. While the application was downloaded at least 500,000 times, a significant number of those who did so ended up with a pirated version of the app installed onto their mobile devices.

The pirated application’s code included a timer set to display anti-Obama content on the 4th of July. According to Mashable, the hackers’ goal was to spread a message against PRISM, the National Security Agency’s online spying program. The apps’ wallpaper changed to a photo of Obama with the words, “Yes we scan” (a parody of the president’s campaign slogan) on America’s Independence Day.


Following the recent news of powerful mobile viruses making 99% of Androids vulnerable… Android should be careful as to not become the only mobile phones associated with hacking scandals.

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