Nokia’s Feature/Smartphones at $68!



Last week, AfriqueITNews reported that the Vice President of Samsung’s Electronics Africa George FERREIRA did not foresee that smartphones could bear the low price tag of $50. Well it turns out that Africa’s ex-favorite phone manufacturer Nokia is releasing 2 hybrid feature/smartphones at the incredible price of $68. At a $18 difference, it seems we are coming pretty close.

Nokia has released Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 to meet the needs of the mobile consumers in emerging countries as both phones have the ability to connect to 3G network.

The Nokia 207 and 208 are designed for people who like a classic phone and traditional keypad, but don’t want to miss out on smartphone experiences, like staying connecting to social media and accessing the Internet,” said Timo TOIKKANEN, the executive VP of Nokia mobile phones.

Would you buy these new feature/smartphones?

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