Morocco: IBM at the Conquest of Africa


IBM is to open a tech service center in Casablanca (Global Delivery Center) to provide services for northern and french-speaking western Africa has stated the Moroccan daily newspaper Le Matin.

Morocco already benefits from IBM’s strategy which consists of expanding across all of Africa. Casablanca hosts one of the three innovation centers, along with Johannesburg and Nairobi.

The American technology mogul is multiplying its bases on the African continent which have gone from 4 to 20 between 2006-1012 and are hoping to make a profit of $1 billion in Africa by 2015.

The agreement that will confirm the opening of the center in Casablanca will be signed on July 5th in Rabat with the presence of the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies, Abdelkader AMARA.


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