Nokia Buys Out Siemens from NSN

Participants visit the Nokia Siemens sta

The Nokia Siemens Network could simply become Nokia. Born in 2007 from a fusion of the two firms specialized in the network infrastructures of Nokia and Siemens. NSN will now completely belong to the Finnish mobile giant.

Siemens has sold its shares to the mobile manufacture for 1,7 billion euros or the equivalent of 700 billion FCFA. The German company is leaving the telecommunications world to focus on new areas of activities such as renewable energy, household appliances and services on a bigger scale.

Nokia would like to use this opportunity to bounce back, knowing that other companies are looking to buy it out.

Nokia Siemens Network has made a profit of 3 million euros (or 1,9 billion FCFA) in the first trimester of 2013. Let’s hope the company can handle going solo.

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