Ethiopia: ICT Sector Rising Against All Odds



If you are part of the baby boomers generation or even a generation Xer, then chances are that when you are thinking of Ethiopia the first thing that comes to mind is extreme poverty and famine. If you still have these thoughts and beliefs of Ethiopia than perhaps it will come to you as a bit of a surprise that the country has sustained a 10% average growth since 2004.

This steady growth has fostered not only foreign investments but the government’s own desire to invest more in the ICT sector.

The number for both mobile and internet penetration remain particularly low: 17% and 1% respectively. Despite these challenges, the Ethiopian ICT sector saw the birth of Iceaddis—a tech start-up incubator and co-working space.

Though a primary client of technology innovation, the Ethiopian government still has some legislation and infrastructure reforms to make in order to encourage funding and lending to young tech entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, structures like Iceaddis give the opportunity to a dozen of startups to help them structure their business models and take off.

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