Madagascar: #1 Internet Speed in Africa


According to the Net Index’s most recent update, Madagascar takes the lead as the country with the fastest internet speed within the African continent. Madagascar boasts an average download speed of 8.23 Mbps pushing it in front of Rwanda (the former title-holder) with 7.03 Mbps.

The top ten Internet Speed ranking in Africa, is as follows; Madagascar, Namibia, Rwanda, Cape Verde, Libya, Mauritania, Gabon, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Zimbabwe, with average speeds ranging from 8.23 Mbps to 4.67 Mbps respectively.

As of June 18th 2013, the world’s average internet speed is at 13.82 Mbps and although Madagascar’s remains significantly below that, it still is comparable to (and above) that of non-African nations such as, Turkey, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

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