African ICT Sector Ringing the Alarm


According to the NITDA, the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency, our continent might lose a good number of its human resources in the ICT sector to Western countries. Cleopas ANGAYE, general manager a the NITDA has stated that around 430,000 African professionals in the sector will leave the continent to head to the United States by 2015. He estimates that half of those will originate from Nigeria.

The number can be explained by the West’s need for quality staff. according to ANGAYE some American companies are looking to replacing their Indian work force who is going back home in mass numbers.

The real reason behind this mass exodus lies in the difficulty of finding a job in the sector and many governments’ lack of will to support tech-entrepreneurs. Many start-ups and projects are created in Africa, but, despite the huge potential, they have trouble blooming and are thus abandoned.

It is urgent for the African continent to develop its ICT sector, encourage entrepreneurship in the domain or else it will be a victim of the brain-drain phenomenon, yet again…

-Amin Niang

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