Tigo Rwanda Provides ATMs for Mobile Transactions

Tigo Matic

Tigo Rwanda has installed two ATMs, known as the Tigo Matic, in Muhima and Nyabugogo. Through these, the network’s customers are now able to make mobile transactions. These machines are the first of their kind on the African continent.

The Youth and ICT minister stated that, “This is a smart innovation that promotes the digital lifestyle we want Rwandans to adopt,” as the country heads towards both a paperless and cashless economy. According to the company’s CEO, Diego CAMBEROS, this new concept provides the Rwandan Tigo subscribers with a time-saving utility and showcases the company’s ability to fulfill the evolving needs of its customers.

As the government of Rwanda aims to grow from an agriculture-based economy to an information-based one, this innovation plays its part in advancing towards that goal.

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