Sony Releases SmartWatch 2


Rumors had spoken of Apple’s iWatch for months, Sony has just revealed its SmartWatch 2 at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai. The device is ta watch that would serve as a second screen for your android smartphone, with many more features.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 has a 1,6′ LCD screen with a 220 x 176 pixels resolution, 41,6 x 41,1 x 9 mm with a weight of 23,5 g. It is water-resistant and has Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, a microUSB port and an interchangeable bracelet. It has up to 4 days of battery power.

Bring your smartphone to your wrist!

The SmartWatch 2 will allow you to access basic smartphone functions and more:

– Answer phone calles, reading SMS and mails

– Receive notifications from social networks

– Take remote pictures from your phone

– Manage your presentations with the application “Presentation Pal”

– Manage your music library, the volume of your music player, without ever taking your phone out of its pocket

– Map out your activities and prepare your itinerary

– Follow your fitness progress with “Runtastic”

We have over 200 unique apps dedicated for Sony SmartWatch, with over one million downloads to date,” said Stefan K PERSSON, a head at Sony Mobile. “Competitors are only now launching first-generation devices, while we are already launching a third-generation device,” PERSSON added.

Note that the Japanese firm has launched its line of smart watches in May 2012.


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