Kenya Hosts the 20th EACO Congress


The 20th edition of the East African Communications Organisation (EACO) began yesterday in Nairobi. This event being held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre has as its main purpose, to display the benefits the ICT sector has had socio-economically on the region’s citizens.

Bruce MADETE, permanent secretary at the ICT ministry, stated that, “This initiative is a commitment positioning East Africa as a single investment market and a catalyst to the realisation of our region’s ultimate goal of political and monetary integration“.

The EACO Congress plans to tackle issues regarding broadband, high roaming costs, with the intent of harmonizing the industry platforms within the East African region through ICT, and use Kenya as a representation of what its neighboring nations can also achieve as a result of this change.

Kenya currently has a 78 percent mobile phone penetration rate (or over 30 million subscribers) as a result of increased data usage, along with the implementation of ICT in both social and business platforms, consequently leading Internet subscription to reach 9.4 million.


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