Tanzania: Wins over $300,000 For His Start-Up “Mini-Shop”


Problem Solved Ltd, founded in 2008 by a young developer called Eric MUTTA has just won the Finance Innovation Challenge Fund.

“I am excited as this award represents the company’s first major breakthrough in the ICT world and hopefully it will encourage many other young innovators to test the uncharted waters,” has stated the 29-year old tech-entrepreneur.

The funds given by the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) amounts to $328,232. The innovative product from the Tanzanian company Minishop, an accounting software tailored to small and medium companies, particularly in the informal sector. “Minishop aims at helping businesses to keep better financial records and apply for loans easily,” said MUTTA.

Note that Problem Solved Ltd had previously won $150,000 during a competition organized by the US Department in 2012 thanks to Minishop.

We wish the company all the best.

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