Nigeria Plans To Cut Broadband Costs By 50%.

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Omobola JOHNSON, the Minister of ICT in Nigeria, announced future plans for the sector of telecommunications during the Stakeholders Forum in Lagos.

Minister JOHNSON revealed that Nigeria aims to achieve a 50% reduction in broadband costs, alongside a growth in rural areas’ network coverage.  At the moment, network coverage amongst rural communities is of a recorded 40% and is expected to rise to 60% within the set time frame.

Omobola JOHNSON stated that mobile subscription’s teledensity would attain 98% in two years. With a population of over 163 million, Nigeria also aims for a 9.5% rise in the teledensity of its fixed phone lines, as opposed to the 0.5% reached in 2011.

Nevertheless,  the ICT minister’s main goal remains to have the Nigerian government uphold stability within its country, in order to continue the development of the ICT sector.

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