Dear Mr President (Obama), Come Have a Talk With Me


africa 2 obama Sénégal: AfricaTalk2OBAMA, une plateforme pour sexprimer sur la tournée africaine du président Obama

Dear Mr President…

In the days leading up to President OBAMA’s African tour which will be from June 26th to July 3rd 2013, the Africa Talks to Obama platform was created by blogger and social media specialist Aboubacar Sadikh N’diaye.  The platform allows citizens to express themselves during the presidential tour.

President Barack OBAMA’s scheduled visit in 3 African countries was an opportunity to set up AfricaTalk2Obama so that every African citizen in the visited countries (or not), to speak up on what Africa expects from the American and the United States and be heard,” has stated the team’s press release.

The initiative is sponsored by several communities and non-profit organizations such as Sunu2012, Senegalese Bloggers Network, FFOSFA, Jokkolabs, EJICOM, Afrique Communication, Seneweb, Akendewa (Abidjan), Dakar 2.0, Douala 2.0…

What would you like to ask OBAMA?


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