Kenya: Parent Association Disapproves of E-Education Program

kenya-laptop policy

The KNAP, the Kenyan National Association of Parents has voiced disapproval of the Kenyan government’s ambitious plan to provide free laptops to students.

The association sustains that there are other priorities in Kenyan education, many projects never saw the light according to the KNAP. “The Economic Stimulus Package did not take off even after the government injected KSh30 million (US$350,000) into the programme,” said the organization’s secretary-general Musau NDUNDA. According to him, the government should first find a solution to the low number of teachers which he estimated to be of “80,000 teachers”. The spokesperson of the KNAP finished with a question, “how will the programme succeed if teachers who are expected to implement it have opposed it?”

Uhuru KENYATTA’s government wants to revolutionize the school structures with technological tools and a program that will introduce students to a digital world. Apparently, not all the actors in the education system have the same views on the subject and feel as if other more sensitive points should be prioritized.

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