Nigeria: Network Providers Fight to Keep Subscribers


June 30th will mark the end of the identification campaign of Nigeria’s cellphone numbers. At that date, the network providers will have to deactivate all the unregistered numbers that do not comply with the directives set out by the NCC. The deactivation of these SIM cards will mean the loss of customers for the network providers.

As of now, none of the four network carriers that dominate the Nigerian market, in this case MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat, have succeeded in registering all of their subscribers. They are all below the 90% mark of the declares customers. According to the journal Leadership, at this rate, up to 30 million subscribers will be lost to the companies by June 30th. This is what prompted more aggressive campaigns to get more registrations. MTN, for example is offering 400 Nairas or $2.42 to those who get themselves registered. The South African giant has already succeeded in registering 87% of its subscribers.

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