Ivory Coast: Don’t Miss “Pokou Ashanti Princess” Premiere

Pokou Ashanti Princess is the first feature 3D animation from Ivory Coast. Produced by agency AfrikaToon, Pokou Ashanti Princess has been presented in the venues of the Goethe Institute of Cocody on last November 30th.

Who is Pokou and what has she got to tell? The following synopsis comes straight from the dedicated website:

In the 18th century, in the Kingdom of the Ashanti people, which cover two-thirds of modern-day Ghana, lives Princess Abla Pokou. Influential advisor to King Opokou Warê, she is against the war. Pokou is a serious obstacle to former warrior Kongouê Bian who has become a witchcraft practitioner. Power-hungry, he attempts a coup against the King, his best friend, and kills the rightful heir to the throne. Pokou manages, thanks to her charisma and mystical powers, to prevent war between those for and those against the regime imposed by Kongouê Bian. She prefers exil to confrontation. Kongouê Bian begins persecuting them. He is determined prevent a prophecy from fulfilling itself in which it is said that a woman will be head of a kingdom much more powerful than that of the Ashanti.”

Do not miss its theatrical release on July 6th at Cinéma Primavera.

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