Did You Know Your Webcam Snapped Photos of You, Without Your Consent?


Get ready to give in to the paranoia…

This message is for all of those of you who do not believe in the many theories that state that hackers spend their time taking pictures of their victims without the latter’s knowledge…right from their webcam.

Click on the link at the end of the article and see a photo taken straight from your camera without giving your computer your consent to activate the webcam.

The programmers behind this achievement have taken advantage of all the well documented flaws in Adobe Flash, HTML and CSS to hide a link in places you’d normally click without any second thoughts (A play button or a “like” on Facebook).

If I were you, I’d put a piece of white paper in front of your webcam if you don’t particularly want to be spied on….

Enough said, check it out >>> http://homakov.github.io/cam.html

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