After the Mobile Sector, What is Next on Samsung’s List?


Now number one in the mobile sector (and it might stay that way for a while), the Korean technology mogul has set itself the goal of conquering the same spot in the household electrical goods sector by 2015.

Already ranked fifth in the fridges and washing machines and dryers sales, according to Euromonitor, with 6,8% of market shares in 2012, Samsung is on the right track to reach its goal, even if it is still far from Whirlpool’s 16,8%. As for ovens, dish-washers and microwaves, it is far from the top 5.

Present in New York for the opening of the company’s household electrical products showroom, Boo-Keun YOON, co-CEO at Samsung Electronics has stated that household appliances “are products that consumers are very emotional about, but there’s a lot of room for innovation in home appliances.”

Samsung is hoping to apply its winning strategy that took it to the top in the mobile sector onto the house appliances market. The idea is to adapt products according to the different zones. For example: sell mid-range products in rather affordable prices in emerging countries. “The goal is to integrate innovation in each product, not just for the premium market but for all segments,” saide YOON. He also added that the company’s philosophy was to improve the user experience. This is what led to a collaboration with the mobile branch to develop innovations such as the remote control of household devices from one’s smartphone.

In conclusion, YOON has reminded that his company is involved in the development of open-source OS Tizen. Are we to expect a home appliance running Tizen? Everything is possible with Samsung.

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