Zambia: Police On Alert After Cyber-Crimes

lusaka_cairoroad-1024x685Like many African countries, Zambia hasn’t been spared by cyber-criminality. Solomon JERE, vice-inspector general at the police has stated that the fraud cases occur more often with ATMs. He has warned that his agents are ready to put an end to this type of practice.

Cyber-crimes are often perpetrated by foreigners who in turn recruit and train Zambians to help them. More than $4 million have been stolen from commercial banks; a colossal sum which has alerted the police. “We would like to assure the nation that we are on the lookout for these criminals and once caught, they will face the wrath of the law,” has warn the head of Zambia police.

Having said that, JERE is concerned that the phenomenon will amplify itself during upcoming events such as the Zambia International Trade Fair or the Lusaka Agricultural and Commercial Show. He is calling all participants in these events to keep a close eye on their personal documents and to be careful while performing financial and electronic transactions.

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