Senegal: an official crosses Microsoft and risks diplomatic mayhem between Senegal and the US


According to an article published on, the General Manager of Agency in charge of the ICT sector of the Senegalese Government (ADIE), Khassoum WONE could have been the origin of a diplomatic incident between the United States and Senegal.
In what would be considered a noble initiative by the African geek community, the head of the ADIE decided to end the contract that made Microsoft the provider of computer software to the Senegalese government, instead of the Open Source alternatives, just a few days before the arrival of President Barack OBAMA on Senegalese soil.
According to those same sources, the heads of Microsoft have shared their discontent to the Senegalese government which hopes to convince WONE to go back on his decision. The American embassador in Senegal, Mr. LUKENS himself, is said to have decided to take over the case.

An incredible case…

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