Nigeria: 25% of Rural Population Without Access to Telecommunications

africa mobile-rural
According to a report requested by Google to strategic advisory agency Dalberg, almost 25% of Nigeria’s rural population does not have access to telecommunications.These populations have to go at least 1 km in order to benefit from telephone service for a lack or incomplete coverage in some areas. Despite Nigeria’s growth in the ICT sector, there are still several zones that are left without proper coverage within the country. The report also states that internet is still Ninaccessible to the majority of the population that lives with less than $2 a day. The country has over 100 million mobile subscribers, with a penetration rate of 63%.

Nevertheless, Nigeria is seen as the country with the biggest potential when it comes to Internet use to promote good governance, business strengthening and stimulation of the economy among the four countries mentioned in the study. ”

The report called “Impact of the Internet in Africa” reveals results of an investigation performed in the following countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.


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