Google Presents Project Loon: Internet For All Thanks To… Balloons

Google has gone past just being a simple search engine, now the company is behind some of the most exciting innovations in the ICT sector and beyond.

While performing tests on driver-less cars, or branded satellites, the American giant has succeeded in being ahead of its “competitors” in its main activity sector: web search.


ballon Google présente Project Loon: Internet pour tous grâce à des ballons

Although that is true, most of Google’s revenues are still generated from ads. For Google the math is fairly simple. More internet users= more ads= more money.

It is with this in mind that Google google would win more if more people use the internet. So enter Project Loon! An initiative aiming to connect the various parts of the worlds who do not have access to chat photos or videos of falling supermodels by using floating balloons…

How can we tell that even Google thinks the project is incredibly bold and crazy? Well, they called it “Loon” themselves…
The concept will first be tested in New-Zealand starting in June. 30 balloons will be launched and tested by a small group of people. The results of this phase will help tweaking and scaling the project.



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