Kenya: Over 600 Million Dollars Set For E-Education


The Kenyan government has set aside 53.2 billion KSh or 306.38 billion FCFA to launch the program that will give every student a laptop. The announcement was made by Secretary of Finances Henry ROTICH while he presented the budget to the parliament.

“We have in the medium term allocated a total of Ksh 53.2 billion for deployment of 1.35 million laptops to class one pupils, development of digital content, and building capacity of teachers and rolling out computer laboratory for class 4 to class 8 in all schools throughout the country,” said ROTICH.

The Kenyan government is hoping to deploy the program over a 4-year period. KSh 17.4 billion  (99.99 billion FCFA) will be used to purchase the 1.35 million laptops. The remaining funds will help fund the development of online content in primary schools and replace school books with set ups allowing e-learning.

According to the Secretary of Finances, the government’s priority is to transform Kenya’s educational system in “e-education.” ROTICH has reassured that “when fully implemented the policy will reduce the cost of buying and replacing textbooks, and improve access to information, communication and technology in schools and households.”

A similar project is in the making for Kenya’s public services as well.

We will keep close tabs on this project from the Kenyan government as it would appear that it is the most interested in the expanding the ICT sector

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