Ericsson: New Network Facilities In Sub-Saharan Africa

ericsson logo Ericsson: De nouvelles infrastructures réseaux en Afrique sub saharienne


Ericsson announced the set up of new installations in Nigeria and RD Congo. These infrastructures are to make the multinational more competitive within Sub-Saharan Africa and to better the quality of its services. “It is important to have facilities that can serve multilingual customers across the region. While the immediate focus is on managed services, we will be increasing our resources and competence across our entire portfolio so as to be fully prepared for our customers’ needs,” says Lars Christer JOHANNISSON, head of Ericsson’s regional services.


Fredrik JEJDLING, Ericsson’s director for Sub-Saharan Africa, has declared that, “The facilities will allow us to work even closer with our customers, and  support them in delivering a superior end-user experience. As the industry leader in managed services, we have proven capabilities in managing and operating many operator networks worldwide and have recently signed major deals with key African operators including Atlantique Telecom and Airtel.”

The number of mobile connections in Sub-Saharan Africa has grown by 20% and should reach 500 million by the end of 2013, with a 50% growth expected by 2018. Ericsson hopes to be a key pioneer in this growth.


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