Infinite Jukebox: Keeps Playing Your Favorite Song With Tweaks

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This is a special post for those of you who may have phases in their lives in which there is that one and only song that you just keep listening to, over and over and over again. Currently top 3 in my got-t0-listen-to-this-all-day-long songs are: Out Of My Mind by B.O.B, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, N****s In Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Now this article isn’t so much for you to judge my musical taste but rather to introduce to you this online tool that allows you to listen to your favorite song online, for as long as you want to and differently every time!

The tool is called Infinite Jukebox and works by cleverly analyzing the songs tones and undertones so that the web-application can easily remix your song. You can upload your own song or select a song among the most popular ones uploaded on the platform.

Music lovers and DJs will appreciate the tool. In the meantime, I shall continue to bump my head to Out Of My Mind, thank you very much.


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