Senegal: Biometric Visas Required to Visit the Country


The law of reciprocity in terms of immigration will come into action starting July 1st 2013. From that date on, Senegal will require biometric visas to anybody wanting to enter the territory except those from the CEDEAO zone or from countries with whom Dakar signed bilateral agreements of free movement.

To ensure that the law is applied, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has assured that 10 border surveillance posts and biometric visa productions will be in place by June 26th, at the latest. The sites will welcome these posts are: Rosso and Matam for the border with Mauritania, Gourel Oumar Ly and Naye for the border with Mali, Fongolimby and Wassadou for the border with Guinea, Coumbacar and Mpak for the Guinea-Bissau frontier, Badiara and Senoba for the Gambian border, has stated captain Ibrahima DIALLO.

The biometric visa will cost 32,500 FCFA (5o Euros) and can be requested in the Senegalese embassies and consulates or online via the website starting june 15th. The person requesting the visa can pay online and go through the pre-enrollment process. For more information, take a look at the website. While we’re at it, let’s say the website isn’t all that great looking and that we have seen better in terms of all around design.

Two key innovations are here, the ability to request for a visa through the internet and the ability to get a response on your computer with bar codes,” has explained DIALLO. A bar code will help in the identification of the person asking for a visa and if the latter after enrollment has stated a preference in retrieving the visa upon arrival in the Dakar airport. The visa retrieval can be done in 5 minutes.

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