African Leaders Speak Out On PRISM


After the disclosure of the PRISM program, a few African governments have voiced their thoughts on the matter.

Kenya, which according to the site HumanIPO, is among the top 10 most spied on countries in the world, has reacted via an ex-executive at the Ministry of Communications Bitange NDEMO, “it is a cause for concern since it touches on the privacy of the people. Our national security will look at the matter before making a substantive statement.”

Rwandese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louise MUSHIKIWABO doesn’t seem surprised of the existence of prism, “does it surprise anybody that the United States’ NSA would access information of internet users, and otherwise? For Rwanda, we believe state and other actual ‘secrets’ are better handled away from the internet, but, oh well … it is almost inevitable to be on the internet these days.”

According to the Guardian, Zimbabwean press secretary Robert MUGABE, has stated understanding better the US’ attitude during the World Summit on Information Society, as the US were very reluctant, not to say “very belligerent” about the topic of governance of ICT.

Spokesperson of the campaign Right2Know, Dale MCKINLEY has reminded that “Africa is now an area of increasing strategic and economic importance and will become more so. The intelligence to carry out policy is going to be even more necessary.”

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