5 Reasons Why You Should Be Self-Employed

2- Your income is unlimited

In comparison to a traditional career, where you have to beg to get the raise that you certainly deserve, when you are self-employed, “the sky is the limit!” As an employee and are one of the lucky few with decent salaries, you have a certain financial security that ensures that your bills will be paid at the end of the month, but you also have the certainty that things end there. Your employer probably makes 10 to 20 times what you make, and rightfully so as he is the one taking the risks, and he actually hired you and convinced you to give up your dreams so that you can help him make his come true.

The biggest accomplishments come for risk-taking, so in order to take a nice holiday in Sardegna, you are going to have to take the risk of eating solely sardines for several months…

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