5 Reasons Why You Should Be Self-Employed

You just finished your degree and are looking for a job? You are stuck in a job that makes you feel like you are dying inside each day? Why not consider entrepreneurship? Working for yourself requires extreme self-discipline and clearly, that isn’t for every one. Here are 5 reasons that might help you make a choice!

1- You manage your own work hours.

If you have family matters that you need to attend to or if you work best from midnight to 7 AM, or from 9 PM to 5 AM, working for yourself will give you the opportunity to create your own work hours.

You are entirely responsible for your own work, you thus don’t have to feel bad because you didn’t finish that 700 page report, or because you are the last person to show up at the office during the middle of the month, yet the first to come on pay-day.

This doesn’t mean that you work less, quite the contrary, these work hours will make you an accomplished entrepreneur.

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