Senegal: NGO Connection Day, Helping Youth Employment with Microsoft


Synapse Center along with Microsoft and Digit’All Exchange, have launched the NGO Connection Day, on Tuesday 11th June 2013 at the Sokhamon Hotel, Dakar. This 2013 edition is under the theme of the partnership between private, public and NGO entities discussing youth employment in Senegal. The event featured key players in the various sectors such as Ashoka, Jokkolabs and the CTIC, LindedAfrica.

The goal is to shed light and promote the existing good practices in terms of a collaboration between public action, NGOs and the private sector to favor employment among the youth,” stated the press release.

During the event several workshops were organized to enable discussions on the theme. Microsoft has made developing Africa one of its key mission. Microsoft representative Samba GUISSE have stated that “there is a gap among the youth between those who have the means and those who do not. Microsoft is hoping to reduce the gap.” To target the problem specifically in Senegal, Microsoft has developed Windows 8 and Microsoft Office in Wolof (local Senegalese language) in beta mode.

When it comes to Microsoft’s involvement in the educational sector involves providing online platforms where educators and schools can access content for free along with setting up Multi-Point Servers in schools. This system allows an educator to be installed on one computer (which in turn can supply up to 30 computers) and allow a better management in the classroom, using as little power as 3 watts.

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