WWDC: What’s new on iOS7?

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We’ve been waiting for Apple’s WWDC events for weeks and here it is now.

Here are some of the key announcements that were made during the keynote.

New OS X for Macbook computers called Mavericks which comes with 4 key features:

  • Finder Tabs which allows you to put windows together into tabs
  • Tagging documents when you save them so that you can find things across
  • Multiple displays
  • “App Nap” that suspends all activities killing your CPU, up to 72%


Safari’s performances have been increased. It is now 1.44 times faster than Chrome and uses less memory than other browsers. The revamped browser can also suggest complicated passwords for your logins and can remember them all across your devices with the help of iCloud Keychains…that is, if you use Safari at all times. Or else, you’d never remember your super secure password.


Great features have been added to Maps with Flyover Data (to view the city in 3D) as well as points of interest search and you can sync the locations to your iOS devices and you can get into “navigation” mode right away.

A new Macbook Air is coming out. It’s key features are:

  • All-day battery life, 11 inch MBA goes from 5-9 hours of battery life, while the 13″ MBA goes from 7 hours to 13 hours
  • 4th Gen Core Processor
  • $100 less on the notebooks
  • Ships out today in the US

Mac Pro: 

Phil SHILLER starts his presentation with a slash at Apple critics, “can’t innovate anymore, my ass,”  To be quite honest the new Mac Pro did look quite intriguing and very useful to the professionals in the multimedia sector.

  • Intel Xeon Chips 12-core configs
  • Double performance of old design
  • 6 FireWires
  • Motion sensors in the back
  • Coming up this Fall

iCloud and iWork = iWork for iCloud.

  • You can now change your documents straight from your browser: layouts, image control
  • You can even edit a Microsoft Word document on iWork for iCloud.
  • This can also be used and on your Windows 8 computer using your browser
  • This will be available to developers starting today

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One of the most talked about releases for this year’s WWDC event. Here are a few of its highlights:

  • Simplicity = beauty
  • New structure that is “coherent”
  • Refined typography
  • Depth and vitality (responsive and comprehensive design)

New features in iOS 7

  • Control center, available anywhere, even the lock screen
  • Multitasking for all apps along with great battery life through “intelligent scheduling”
  • Safari now has smart search field, new tab view, iCloud Keychain integration
  • Air Drop, peer-to-peer sharing
  • Photos app now includes live filters (competition to Instagram?), photos are now organized in “moments”. Photos now has new shared stream
  • Siri now has a new interface and a new voice. Siri can answer more questions using Wikipedia, web searches and Twitter.
  • iOS in the Car: 95$ integration of iOS 7 on your car’s screen.
  • App Store gets a face-lift. Apps Near Me: finding the most popular apps in your area. Apps now update automatically
  • Music and videos
  • iTunes Radio includes featured stations of music trending on Twitter for example. You can create your own stations.
  • Activation Lock if a thief tries to turn off “find my iPhone feature” or tries to wipe it completely, he won’t be able to re-activate the phone without your personal apple ID code.

iOS 7 is ready for the public starting this Fall.

So there you have it folks! Tell us what you think of these new releases.

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