New Android Virus Almost Impossible to Remove


Kaspersky, the firm specialized on cyber security has discovered the most “sophisticated” Trojan virus of all times. Operating on Android, “Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a” can send SMS to premium numbers, download malwares on the infected device, or even install them on other devices via Bluetooth.

Obad is also well hidden and benefits from the security loopholes, which have been unknown until recently, on the Android system to do its dirty work.

As soon as the Trojan is launched onto the device, it automatically takes over as administrator, “to make the malware more difficult to detect or eradicate… From a user-interface standpoint, it also means that once the malware infects the device, a user can’t revoke those privileges or even delete the application,” stated Roman UNUCHEK, Kaspersky Lab Expert.

According to, Kaspersky has already contacted Google to inform the firm of this vulnerability…

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