Cameroon: The Team Behind The Movie “Eyenga’s White Man” Is Re-inventing Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been slow to take off in Africa, an environnement seemingly so well suited for it. Many limitations have been behind its lateness to surge (low internet penetration rate, low bancarisation rate…), so african entrepreneurs have to be extra resourceful to make it work for them.
It has been the case for the team behind the movie “Le blanc d’Eyenga” (Eyenga’s White Man).

After a relatively succesful first movie, the team is seeking some funding in order to produce a second one. To reach their objective, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign, asking people to send them a minimum of 1 dollar in phone credit, that they will then sell to cameroonian call-boxers. 

blanc d eyenga Cameroun: léquipe du film Le Blanc dEyenga réinvente le crowdfunding par le mobile

While the process would be against the law set by regulators in many other african countries, we are looking forward to witnessing the effects of this specific campaign, launched by Thierry NTAMACK and his team…

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