Ivory Coast: $7 Million Lost in 2012 Thanks to Cyber Attacks


Onto the topic of cyber criminality again this week, after reporting on cases occurring outside of the African continent, today we are looking into Ivory Coast.

The Symantec report published last year, Ivory Coast is among the six African countries most vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to the Counter Cyber Criminality Unit* (PLCC), the attacks created a dent of 3,385 billion FCFA (almost $7 million) in 2012, sparing no one: individuals, businesses and even the government. The most used tactics are emotional extortions, phishing and inheritance scams.

Cyber criminals in the country often use internet centers which are, for the most part, unauthorized. An identification campaign of all internet centers was scheduled after the one for mobile phone subscribers but was cancelled for reasons we ignore. This sudden shift goes against the fight against cyber criminality and personal data protection which was led by the Ivorian government.

*Plateforme de la Lutte Contre la Cybercriminalité

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