Xperia M and Xperia M Dual: Sony’s new smartphones



The Japanese manufacturer Sony  has something new for its Xperia. It will be a model released in 2 versions: Xperia M  and Xperia M Dual. As you might have understood, the difference lays in the number of SIM cards integrated within.

The following are some of the characteristics:

  •  A 4” screen with an 850 x 480 pixels definition
  •  A dual core processor Qualcomm 1 GHz, operating with 1 Go RAM
  •  A  5 megapixels sensor
  •  A 4 Go expendable storage space
  •  a NFC chip (very rare in the mid-range line), 4.0 Bluetooth


The Japanese giant is emphasizing its software features and the current services on the model. We will have applications such as Walkman and Music Unlimited as well as Stamina to manage battery usage.

We don’t know much of the pricing yet, but Sony assures that they will be affordable. Could this be a hint that the Japanese brand is coming to conquer the African market?

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