ShippyMe: Ships Your US Order For as Little As $2!


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We’ve all experienced the frustration that comes along with ordering something that we want online in the US and then having to wait weeks, if not months before a friend or family member can bring it over while visiting home because the online US store will not ship internationally. Well, Nigerian online shoppers, rejoice! A new startup called Shippyme is offering a solution to alleviate this problem.

Though the service is still in a beta stage, this Nigerian company offers, through its web platform, a specific US address where your order can be sent to locally before Shippyme can ship your item to your address in Nigeria. The company offers package tracking and a rather speedy service (5-7 days by air or 5-8 weeks by sea) at a starting cost of $6 or $2 (if using the slow sea shipping).

While the company is thinking of extending these services with European online retailers, I cannot help but wonder if and when such services will come to Senegal….


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