The MeMo Pad at 65,000 FCFA. Yes!



Competition is shaking as one of the trendiest manufacturers is entering the low-cost market for good. Asus, known for its quality products has revealed at Computex, the MeMo Pad HD7, an Android tablet at the price of $129 dollars or 65,00 FCFA with an 8 Go storage space of 75,000 FCFA for a storage space of 16 Go. The MeMoPad HD7 will feature:

  • a 7″ IPS of 1280 x 800 pixels definition
  • a quadruple core processor ARM Cortex-A7, coupled with a 1Go RAM
  • two cameras, one frontal of 1,2 megapixels and the back one has a 5 megapixels resolution
  • depending on the model an 8 or 16 Go storage space, expendable with micro SD cards
  • 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as a GPS functionality

At this price, the device seems like a dream. This would not be Asus’ first time in the low-cost device market, the Taiwanese brand partnered with Google for the creation of the Nexus 7, revealed during Google I/O 2012.


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