Senegal: New Cellphone Carriers Are Coming!


The Senegalese government has decided to continue the liberalization of the telecommunications sector by giving out one or several new telecommunication licenses whose premises need to be defined.” These are the words given by the Senegalese government upon speaking to Jeune Afrique‘s June 2nd-8th 2013 edition.

In a country whose mobile penetration is close to 100%, 3 network providers are getting a slice of the cake that could feed many more…

For the market distribution, the ARTP is considering the services of a consultant. According to the call for bids launched by the Senegalese government, the goal is to is to ensure a harmonious development in the telecommunications sector.

In this context, the ARTP’s intention is to pair up with a consultant to guide the process for a greater liberalization of telecommunications in Senegal, prioritizing the development of the sector to the benefit of the consumers and the national economy,” states the article.

Which network provider would you like to see in Senegal?

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