Kenya: New Hubs to Come


Though facing lawsuits, the new Kenyan president knows where his priorities are! He has recently announced that new Hubs will soon see the light with the hope to enable’s Kenya’s techonology ecosystem to shine even more on the global scale.

President KENYATTA has added that the new ICT poles will be created thank to the new agency Biashara Kenya (Business in Swahili) will act as an incubation center.

My Government plans to position Kenya as a Business Process Outsourcing Hub through establishment of Konza Techno City. This will provide employment opportunities specifically to the youth who will work in software development, light electronic manufacturing industries and IT-enabled services. We will also establish incubation hubs for ICT start-ups through the New Biashara Kenya Agency,” has stated KENYATTA.

KENYATTA has also pledged to continue his project aiming at giving every student a laptop, “in education, we shall make provision for the purchase of laptops in schools,” he promised.

Furthermore, Kenya’s presided added, “We will also set aside resources for; building the capacity of teachers in lower primary schools, for content development, for the deployment of computer labs in ten schools per constituency, and for the connection of power to schools identified for provision of laptops but which do not have power. I expect the ministries and Government agencies concerned, to implement these programs expeditiously in order to transform our economy into a prosperous middle-income country in which our citizens live with pride and dignity.”


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