Follow Up: Nigeria To Investigate Cyber Spy Agreement Signed in April 2013


Earlier in April this year, we spoke of President JONATHAN’s alleged signed agreement with an Israeli surveillance firm to spy on Nigerian citizens. The disclosure of this not-so-secret agreement has created public backlash in Nigeria. So much so, that the Nigerian House of Representatives has decided to get involved.

On May 30th, the House of Representatives in Nigeria unanimously passed a resolution to investigate the nature of the contract between President JONATHAN and Elbit Systems as it would appear that the agreement “will violate citizens’ constitutional rights, and breach the Fiscal Responsibility Act,” stated the House of Representatives.

Ibrahim GUSAU, who initiated the motion to protect Nigeria’s 47 million internet users, has explained that the “project violates the privacy and the right of every Nigerian as stipulated in the constitution and the so-called intelligence gathering may not be the solution to Nigeria’s insecurity”. The investigation report will be given to the House in 3 weeks.


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