Asus Announces Tablet/Desktop/Laptop All-in-One Device



The Transformer Book Trio is kind of like a woman who is a fashion model, a member of the army, a bio-nuclear doctor, a top chef but also an heiress.


When one knows of the quality of the products delivered by the Taiwanese brand ASUS, we can only be excited for the launch of the Transformer Book Trio. Despite its rather terrible name, the jewel presented at the Computex salon offers a tablet of 11,6″ and a definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The detachable screen is actually a full-blown tablet with an Intel Atom Z2580 at 2 GHz, an SSD of 64 Go and an Android 4.2 usability.

The keyboard part has a Intel Core i7 4,500U processor, a hard drive capacity of 750 Go and…you ready for it? Windows 8 integrated!

Three uses can be made:

  • A PC laptop from which we can switch from Android to Windows 8 without restarting
  • An Android tablet
  • A desktop computer, using an external monitor. It would thus be possible to use the tablet and the PC simultaneously. The manufacturer speaks of a battery life of 15 hours under Android and 6 with Windows 8.

This is as exciting as it is disappointing considering that the Taiwanese manufacturer has not set its eyes on Africa and that to get its products, one has to depend on an online order…


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