Obama and Jinping to Discuss Cyber Attacks



This week the issue of cyber-spying of which the multinational Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei have been accused of and the cyber hack at the Pentagon have been featured on AfriqueITNews with the country mostly mentioned being China.

The country is often accused of such acts by the United States. The subject will be at the heart of an encounter between President Barack Obama and Xi Jinping during the summit that will be held on June 7th and 8th 2013 at Rancho Mirage, in California. According to the White House, the two men will discuss the issue. The United States government is concerned that these attacks are aimed at the American military networks.

According to the cyber security firm Mandiant, this secret unit of the Chinese army who is behind the attacks have enable the data theft of around a hundred businesses. Let’s not forget that Washington has strictly advised American companies not to do business with the Chinese ZTE and Huawei companies.

The discussion promises to be long…



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