Youtube: How Much Do the Most Subscribed to Channels Make?

Trêve de clavardage, appréciez plutôt l’infographie: Making quids with Viral vids

The site published a visual revealing the stats regarding Google’s video service. The visual included a report of how much money the most subscribed to videos and accounts make on the platform.

According to the site, the revenues of the successful partners on Youtube have been estimated to $100,000 per year in 2010. These numbers have changed since 2012, the year in which accounts such as The Annoying Orange received millions of dollars.

In 2013, Psy, the record setter of the most viewed video has accumulated over 2 billion views on his channel generating an estimated $5,9 millions (2,525 millions FCFA).

Enough of talking, enjoy the visual “Making quid with Viral Vids”


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